Club Events

The Autumn Cruise is held in the fall of each year. In 2017, it was Sunday, October 1st, on an overcast day with rain threatening and temperatures of 60 degrees. The cruise started at Point Douglas Park, near Prescott, Wisc and the rain held off during the first leg of our journey. 30 Corvettes and 51 participants joined the cruise which covered approximately 96 miles and lasted about 5 hours. The cruise included a short trip into Wisconsin across the new bridge over the St. Croix River located near Oak Park Heights, Minnesota; otherwise, the cruise was located entirely on Minnesota roads. The half-way stop for the cruise was at Sal’s Angus Grill in Withrow, Minnesota for appetizers and drinks of choice. As the group left Sal’s, the rain started and never let up until our final destination at the Winehaven Winery in Chisago City, Minnesota. Wine tasting and lunch was served at the Winehaven Winery and the owner of the winery was very appreciative that the cruise used the winery as a destination and asked that we consider using the winery as a destination in our future cruises.

We would like to thank new members, Terry and Carla Dobson, for all their help with the cruise and we hope everyone enjoyed the roads and had a good time even though the weather could have been better.

Cars Under the Stars is held on the second weekend in August and is open to all Corvettes, Street Rods, Classic, and Custom Cars that members or non-members wish to show. Awards are given out by class, along with a Best of Show

Our team arrived at Village Chevrolet before 5 pm August 13th (2016) to set up for the show. We have been fortunate all three years with almost perfect weather having temperatures in the upper 70’s and low humidity each year. When we got all of the participants in and parked we had 85 corvettes and 48 street rods and classics for a total of 133 cars. In addition to the drivers and their guests we had 140 paid spectators attend the show

Best of Show: Dave Kalina ’34 Ford Coupe**, Eileen McConnell ’63 Corvette
SCM Top Ten Awards: Byron Bode ’59 Impala, Tom Malik ’48 Cadillac, Mark & Lisa Orfield ’67 Roadster
Top Ten Award: Howard Hornibrook ’63 Coupe**
** Dave and Howard are former Suburban Corvette members

Thank you to all of the SCM members who participated in the show. Special thanks to those who stepped up to help us with registration, parking cars, spectator gate, ballot counting for the awards, and selling raffle tickets. The workers included Terry & Joan Wigginton, Gloria Weeks, John Engstrom, Bruce & Sandy Bracini, Terry Thompson, Bev Clausen, Paul Hauschildt, Greg & Barb Stattman Shawn & Jan Hanna, Eric Kehle, Joe Shaugnessy, Randy Walker, Tricia MacEachern, John Garley, Roger Dahlquist, Doug & Jan Arneson, Dewey & JoEllen LaGow

The Drive your Chevy to the Levee cruise was held on Saturday, July 22, 2017. We drove our Chevys to the
Levee and the Levee was DRY! Beautiful blue skies, plenty of sunshine and temps in the high 80’s, a gorgeous day for a Corvette cruise. We had 42 Vettes and 74 participants that included several possible new club members. The
cruise ran about 145 miles with a lunch stop at Kings Place in Miesville, ending at the new Junction 70 Grill in Cottage Grove. Thanks to those who came, hope you enjoyed the cruise.

Brainerd Drivers School and Track Day is held in mid-June and again in mid-September, sponsored by SCM, and attracts cars and drivers from all over the state. It is open to all vehicles and drivers that wish to improve their driving skills and get to know the capabilities of their cars on a track

Our June 12th (2017) Drivers School was a beautiful day, temps in the 80’s, nice breeze & sun. Everything was going well until we lost a Viper in the outside wall coming out of turn 2. Driver was OK. Needed to shut down the track for ½ hour to repair the wall. There were 35 drivers plus three that did the track tour for 45+ minutes.

I want to thank everyone that came up and participated. A special thanks to all the volunteers that came up and helped. Without these volunteers, we couldn’t do this event.

Our Sept. 18th (2017) Drivers School was an almost perfect driving day. It was about 68 degrees, light breeze, and mostly overcast. A little cool for corner workers & spectators, but great for drivers anyway. We had a very good turnout: There were 44 drivers plus 3 for track touring. For several drivers it was their first time with us. Nice to see.

A special THANK YOU to all the workers who came up to help. Especially the first timers.

Our Fall Color Run is held each October in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, beginning with a brunch on Friday followed by a cruise to LaCrosse and a Friday night social. Saturday morning kicks off with over 200 Corvettes meeting at Onalaska Park, followed by a 120-mile cruise through the rolling countryside in Southern Wisconsin. Saturday evening consists of a banquet, with a Sunday brunch at a local golf course finalizing the event. Click for details

The Firecracker Cruise is held each year the weekend before July 4th. The 2017 Firecracker Cruise had a great turn out. We had 44 cars and 76 members participate. Even though we got caught in some rain it wasn’t a wash out and everyone had a great time. The cruise started at Maxx Bar & Grill in Ham Lake. We worked our way north along nice winding roads through the Carlos Avery wildlife area between 35W and HWY 65, through Stark and all the way to Rush City. There we stopped for refreshments and hors d’oeuvres at Creekside/The Other Side bar and restaurant. We continued on from Rush City through sunrise country working our way through Sunrise Township, Almelund, Taylors Falls, Lindstrom, Scandia and concluded the cruise at Stella’s in Forest Lake for lunch. The roads most of the way were a nice combination of tight curves, long sweeping curves and straight a-ways that provoked “spirited” driving. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Hamburger, Fries, and Catch-up is held the first Saturday of each month, hosted by a different SCM member each month, and is usually held at a different location chosen by the hosting person or couple. We meet throughout the year, which gives members, prospective members, and guests an opportunity to discuss Corvettes, current events, vacations, and any other topics they are comfortable with. Locations are posted on our website

GMCCA – The 36th all GM Car/Truck Show & Swap Meet will take place on Sunday, June 3, 2018 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This event is sponsored by the General Motors Car Clubs Association (GMCCA) in which SCM participates. SCM’s duties include parking the swap vendors. All GMCCA clubs share in the proceeds of the event.

Last year’s show was a big success with beautiful weather and a great turnout of vehicles. Thanks again to all the SCM members who worked the event, and to those who attended. We look forward to your participation in 2018. Please visit for details or contact Eric Kehle

Plastic Fantastic, our first car show of the season is an “all Corvettes” show open to all Corvette owners and spectators throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Trophies are awarded by class, along with a best-of-show award. The event is held at Village Chevrolet in Wayzata, our Club sponsor

This year Plastic Fantastic was held on May 21, 2017, at Village Chevrolet in Wayzata. The weather showed us its ugly side. We had 40 Corvettes: C1s: 0, C2s: 2, C3s: 0, C4s: 4, C5s: 12, C6s: 8, C7s: 14

A special thanks goes out to Village Chevrolet, as our club sponsor, with special thanks to Katie Johnson and Grant Osgood! Thanks to Village Chevrolet for the six oil changes. Also, thank you to Greg Stattman from Coldwell Banker for two gift cards!

Thank you to all the SCM members that put in their time for us. Your help was very much appreciated. We can’t showcase our club and have a show of this magnitude without your help. It is always easy to come to a show like this when the weather is good. We cannot thank you members enough for coming out and also for working the show.

Award Winners: C2: Mark & Lisa Orfield, C4: John Hall, C5: Shawn & Jan Hanna, C6: Gary Miron, C7: John Garley,
Best of Show: John Hall

Spina Bifida Picnic is held in mid-September each year in conjunction with our primary funding beneficiary, Spina Bifida of Minnesota. It includes lunch, hosted by Spina Bifida, followed by our Club members giving rides to children and their families. The event is held at a regional park in New Brighton. It gives us the chance to share our wheels with those that live on them.

On September 17, 2017 the Spina Bifida (SB) annual picnic was held at New Brighton Pavilion just off Highway 35W north of 694. Spina Bifida is Suburban’s (SCCM) club charity and has been for close to 3 decades. I feel fortunate to be the current SB liaison for SCCM.

The picnic began at around 11:00 am. SB provided us with a nice lunch of hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, and many, many deserts. Yum, love those deserts.

Restaurant coupons, donated by SCCM, were distributed by Jim Thayer to the families at the picnic. Ball caps, courtesy of Gregg Stattman, were also given out.

Approximately 10 Corvettes arrived before Noon and parked in two rows adjacent to the pavilion. This amount of cars was a little less than we have had in years past because it was a chilly day. Despite the signage we provided to guide people to the SB Picnic area, one young lady was accidently dropped by Metro Mobility at the wrong picnic pavilion. Larry Zmuda saw the error unfold, and kindly picked up the young lady and transported her to the correct pavilion. He was the hero of the day.

The kid’s faces were lit up with anticipation at getting rides in America’s Sports Car. It has been my experience that the kids are becoming much more comfortable with riding in the Corvettes and have pretty much overcome any fear. Actually, just the opposite. We had 10 cars yet we provided over 30 rides. Can you say, “I’m going in the red one next!!” We had two booster seats for the smaller kids and could have used more! We seem to have younger kids than in recent years.

I know the kids and their parents were very grateful for the opportunity to ride in America’s Sports Car because many of the kids and parents took the time to personally tell me this.

Myself, I am very thankful to be doing this and associated with SB and SCCM for 25 years. I have many, many fond memories of our activities together.

Last but, certainly not least, let’s all take our hats off to the 10 drivers who took the time, on this chilly day, to spend it with these kids and their parents. It is my sincere hope that the drivers from SCCM understand what they do here has a profound and lasting effect on these children (and adults). Thank you for taking the time to participate in the SB picnic for 2017. The effort you made to come out to the park for these kids says volumes about SCCM and our willingness to be part of the SB family. Thanks to Roger Dahlquist for taking some great pictures to preserve the moments. A special thanks to my wife Janet for all she does to help with this feel good event.

Shawn Hanna, Spina Bifida liaison, SCCM

The Spring Cruise is the club’s kick-off event at the start of Corvette season. In 2017, this event was coordinated by John & Elaine Garley. Sunday, May 7th, started a bit cloudy and cool, but cleared and became a wonderful sunny day. Those who ate breakfast at the Good Day Café enjoyed very good food, and the staff truly worked hard to accommodate us and our schedule; the same could also be said for the RoadHaus in Henderson. The good people at Lord Fletcher’s reserved a portion of their parking lot for our use during a rest stop. The day was not without its issues but we still had fun

By the numbers: 83 members or their guests attended. We had 43 Corvettes, red being the most popular (17), followed by blue (9) and white (7) – does anyone see a patriotic theme here? There were two each of yellow, silver, black, and orange. One car was green and one car was whatever color JD drives (it could also be said my Black Rose falls into the ‘what color is that’ category). We had one C1, one C2, four C3, four C4, eleven C5, twelve C6 and ten C7 Vettes